Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reading / Writing Ambiance


I think my devotion to background music harps back to my childhood. I grew up surrounded with music. Old 78rpm records, and eventually the new 33-1/3, seemed to be always on the record-player any time the family was home. Of course, in those days, we actually sat down to a family meal every evening, and Sunday’s after church, out came those records again.

As a young married adult living in Milwaukee, I had the radio on all day long. So constant music in the background became like a second skin while I did the housework, laundry, bathing the kids, cooking meals, doing dishes, and reading when I could steal the time…always music.

Even in the car I had at the time, which had both a cassette and an 8-Track player, (anyone remember them?) the ride was never silent.



Now in my Golden years, and writing full-time, for a while I was writing in total silence. The radio/phonograph is in the living room, and for me to be able to hear it, the volume had to be cranked up some. So I forfeited my background music. The writing moved along so-so, but I did miss my music. So, about a year ago I discovered Pandora, a computer application that plays on my desktop PC and external speakers. Others can hear it from about ten feet away, but since I’m in a bedroom/office of my own, it doesn’t disturb anyone beyond the doorway.

With Pandora you can create your own “station” so that you get (mostly) only the type of music you want. My selections are all instrumental, mostly classical, but I do like the Big Band song and some good Rock ‘n Roll. Again, all instrumental…no vocals. THAT distracts me too much.

Now I can’t write without it. My words come more readily, along with inspiration to keep going. I love my music!

Whether you are reader or writer, or even both, what is your ambiance preference?

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