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A Christmas Novella Spotlight ♦ Anne Greene ♦ Giveaway


Amanda expected a Wyoming cowboy, not a Southern gentleman with a dangerous job. Can this wounded Mail Order Angel and the very Southern Sheriff overcome the difficulties of their personal baggage and of the raw western boomtown where men die at the drop of a gold nugget, and women are scarce as a tail-hold on a bear?

She’s a transplanted southern belle jilted by her fiancé who preferred DUTY to his family to marriage. Amanda’s desperate for a new start in a new territory with a Wyoming cowboy. She’s known as a mind reader, but in reality, she reads the fleeting expressions people hide. Frank struck gold in the Wyoming Gold Rush and is elected sheriff by the people of Angel Vale. He signed up for a mail-order bride, not because he wants a wife, but because he needs a mother for the baby boy left on his doorstep. Unfortunately for Amanda, Frank hails from the deep south and DUTY is his middle name. Will Frank choose love or Duty? 

About Anne:     

My home is in the quaint antiquing town of McKinney, Texas, just a few miles north of Dallas. My dear husband is a retired Colonel, Army Special Forces. My little brown and white Shih Tzu, Lily Valentine, shares my writing space, curled at my feet. I have four beautiful, talented children, and eight grandchildren who keep me running.

I’ve traveled in every location of each book I’ve written, and each book is a book of my heart. Besides my first love, writing, I enjoy travel, art, sports, reading, sailing, snorkeling, movies, and way too many other things to mention. Life is good. Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.” Whether writing contemporary or historical, my books celebrate the abundant life Jesus gives.

I’ve written several other novellas. This novella, AVOIDING THE MISTLETOE, is included in the Mistletoe, Jingle Bells, and Second Chances Collection. My novella KEARA’S ESCAPE is included in the Orphan Train/Spinster Collection. DAREDEVILS is included in the North Carolina, 50 States Collection. SPUR OF THE MOMENT BRIDE is included in the Wyoming, 50 States Collection. A CHRISTMAS BELLE, is included in the Christmas Mail Order Angels anthology. THE MARRIAGE BROKER AND THE MORTICIAN is included in The California Gold Rush Romance Collection. My novellas, A FOOL FOR LOVE, A GROOM FOR CHRISTMAS, and A TEXAS CHRISTMAS MYSTERY are stand-alone novellas.

Moody Press published my first book, TRAIL OF TEARS. I love writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. My Women of Courage series spotlights heroic women of World War II. You might want to begin with the first book ANGEL WITH STEEL WINGS. Read my private investigating series, Handcuffed In Texas. The first book is RED IS FOR ROOKIE. Enjoy my award-winning Scottish historical romances, MASQUERADE MARRIAGE and MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT. I hope my stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. Buy my books on http://www.Amazon.com.

Anne's Links: 
Visit with Anne at www.AnneGreeneAuthor.com, www.facebook.com/AnneWGreeneAuthor, @TheAnneGreene, on Pinterest at The Anne Greene, on Book Fun Magazine at www.bookfun.org/profileAnneGreene, and at www.anneswritingupdates.blogspot.com

The Giveaway:
Anne is giving away one autographed copy of A Christmas Belle to three of my readers. That's THREE free copies! To enter, leave your contact info (e-mail, disguised) in the comment section below, and answer this question from Anne:

Did you know that in the 1800's many ladies chose to become mail-order brides? Most were Desperate, some wanted adventure, and others believed they had no other choice for various reasons. Would you have chosen to become a mail-order bride?

Giveaway runs for one week, ending at Midnight O'clock, CST, on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Tell your friends!


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A Day in the Life of a Fool

 A Day in the Life of a Fool

by Sherri Stewart

Remember that verse in I Corinthians 1: 27 where God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise? I am so glad God chose me as one of His little fools.

It was colder than most January days in Calgary, Alberta—so cold that I was reluctant to drive my old Volvo too far from home, but I hated to miss the first day of the new semester. After dropping my son off at the babysitter’s, I decided it would be safer to take the subway, something I had never done before. A small voice inside reminded me that whenever I do something for the first time, I make mistakes, but I told myself that taking a subway wasn’t rocket science, was it?

I bought my ticket, but knew I would have to transfer downtown to another train that would take me to the university. I wasn’t sure how to do that, but surely someone would help.

When I arrived downtown, I jumped off the train and was waiting for the corresponding one to arrive when a thought struck me. I had left a pot of potpourri simmering on the stove. Great. Why hadn’t I thought to turn the stove off? It had been two hours, and soon the water would evaporate, the pot would catch on fire, and we’d lose everything. I thought of my poor dog as I dug a quarter out of my purse to call a neighbor with a key to my house when I realized my purse was missing. (this was before cell phones). I’d left my purse on the train. No car, no keys, one quarter.

I prayed for God’s help.

Taking a deep breath, I called my next-door neighbor who wasn’t home, but my husband was in town, which was rare since he worked for a hockey team that was always on the road. Bobby was gracious as always and didn’t reprimand me for being an idiot.

While I waited for him to pick me up, I stopped the conductor of an arriving train and told him about my purse. He said he would alert the other drivers to be on the lookout.

As Bobby and I raced toward our house, I scanned the sky for rising smoke in the northeast. Bobby reminded me that we would have to cancel our credit cards and get a locksmith to unlock my car since we didn’t have an extra key.

No smoke billowed out of the house, but I didn’t wait for the car to slow down before I jumped out, opened the garage door, and ran into the kitchen. The red light on the stove was still on, the burner under the small pot was red hot, but the potpourri floating inside the pot wasn’t simmering. I dipped my finger in the brown liquid. It was ice cold. ICE COLD.

The same God who parted the Red Sea and made the sun stand still made the liquid on a red-hot burner ice cold.

But that’s not all. A few hours after I cancelled my credit cards, I received a call from the transit company. They found my purse in a plastic bag. Someone had taken the cash, but left everything else—my passport and visa, my checkbook, credit cards, keys, and driver’s license. I called the bank to see if they would disregard my request to cancel my cards but knew it was a lost cause. The woman at the bank said that the system had gone down after I called so my credit cards were still good.

I made a lot of mistakes on that cold January day, but God didn’t reprimand me. I was doing enough of that myself. He made simmering water cold and made the bank’s system stand still for a few hours for me. Instead of being the worst day of my life, God gave me a story to tell.

About the Book:
By Sherri Stewart
Call Me Jane
Her feet are wet from walking on water. Why is she still wearing her shoes? That was her first question when the fugue cleared. But she has more pressing questions, such as —who is she, where does she live, and how did she end up on Peachtree Street on a cold November night wearing nothing but a nightgown?

With Officer Kyle Rossi’s help, Jane, as she prefers to be called, begins the journey to discover her identity. But the more she learns about the real Aubrey Sutherland, the more she realizes she can’t trust anyone, especially those closest to her, but Jane also learns that a concussion might be the best thing that ever happened to her.

About Sherri: 
Newly retired from teaching, Sherri Stewart is transitioning into full-time writing and editing, but she makes time for her other love—spending time with her family, especially with her 89-year-old mother. She also enjoys travelling to locations to research her books. Israel is her next destination, a trip she has looked forward to for years. Sherri lives with her husband, Bobby, with whom she is celebrating her fortieth wedding anniversary. Son Joshua works at Disney and keeps her laughing. She hones her craft through organizations such as Word Weavers International, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Christian Pen.

Social Media Contacts

Books by Sherri Stewart

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Truth, or Lies? M.l. Hamilton. Giveaway

Whispers in Purple is pleased to present author Mary Hamilton as our guest blogger today. Please welcome her as she shares some thoughts and talks about her new book.  Oh ...  there's a giveaway, too. Just scroll down for the details.

Truth or a Lie 

Image courtesy Pixabay

I’ve heard it takes seven compliments to overcome one criticism. Honestly, I think it requires a lot more than seven. Those negative statements not only cut deep, but they continue to hang around long after their sharp edges have grown dull.

Years ago, a misunderstanding resulted in someone I considered a friend declaring I was “incompetent and irresponsible.” I’ve always prided myself on being dependable, so this was a sharp slap in the face. I shed many tears over this rebuke, but eventually I had to decide whether I was going believe those words spoken in anger, or believe what I knew to be true.

In Pendant, my main character deals with the same issue. Elaine is an award-winning teacher who has a track record of helping her students find success. But when one of her students disappears from a field trip and is never found, she finds herself dismissed with the very same words.

Incompetent. Irresponsible.

For years, she believes that one person’s evaluation of her character. In response, she withdraws from friends and neighbors, unable to stand the thought of their perceived judgment. She gets stuck in that well of self-pity and despair, until circumstances force her to climb out and make herself useful again.

Has this ever happened to you? If you’re still smarting from unkind words of judgment, consider this conversation I had with my young daughter many years ago. She came to me with a long face and said her friend was calling her selfish. Rather than sympathize, I asked her a question.

“Well, are you?”

She looked a bit taken aback at my question, but then shook her head and said she didn’t think so. I gathered her in my arms and said, “I don’t think you’re selfish either, but I wanted to make sure you knew it. Now, if she’s saying you are selfish, she’s either ignorant or lying. If she’s ignorant, that means she doesn’t know the truth that you’re not selfish. In that case, you can feel sorry for her and act in a way that will show her you’re not selfish. But if she’s lying, she already knows you’re not selfish and is just being mean. Then you might want to think about how important her friendship is to you, and whether you want to be friends with someone who lies about you.”

It’s always a good idea to evaluate whether or not there is any truth in the criticism. If there is, work on changing what needs to be changed. But if not, go your way, confident in the truth, and act in a manner that will convince any who may doubt.
About Pendant:
A field trip gone awry. A student gone missing.
Haunted by a teacher’s worst nightmare for more than a decade, Elaine finally stumbles onto a vital clue—and discovers someone will do anything to keep the truth buried. When her life is threatened, she allows the one person she trusts to whisk her away to safety in Texas. 

But assuming a false identity and hiding among the quirky residents of a retirement home is not what she had in mind. Now Elaine must solve the mystery from afar, as soon as she figures out if her friend is keeping her from danger…or keeping her from the truth.

About Mary: 
M L Hamilton released her first adult mystery/suspense. She says monsters under the bed never bothered her as a kid. She was scared of the man hiding in her closet. She never figured out who he was or how he got into her messy closet, but since then she has imagined lots of other scary situations that will form the basis of more mystery and suspense novels. Her other hobbies include knitting, photography, and spending time with her family. She and her husband live in Texas, but you can find her here:

About the Giveaway:
Mary is offering a free copy of Pendant, print or eBook, winner's choice. Entering is easy: Just leave a comment below with your name and contact information. See? Told you so. Giveaway ends one week from today (Dec 14) at Midnight o'clock, CST. Winner will be selected in a random drawing and notified via email. Thanks for entering! 

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Friday Morning Devotional ♦ Sherri Wilson Johnson

Come and Believe

 A devotional by Sherri Wilson Johnson

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.” John 6:35 KJV

My stomach still feels full from Thanksgiving. How about yours? Although I was good about watching my sugar and gluten this year, I still ate more food than I should have. Truthfully, some of my “watching” involved watching the sugar and gluten (in the form of cobbler and macaroni and cheese) go directly into my mouth.

In my family, there’s never a doubt if there will be enough food on the table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. There’s always plenty. For that, I am extremely thankful. I know there are countless people in this world who go hungry every day.

There have been times throughout my almost thirty years of marriage that I wasn’t sure if I would have enough food to feed my hungry family of four due to unemployment or just simply too many bills to pay. During those times, I was thankful that we only had four mouths (plus a dog) to feed.

There have also been times in my life I felt starved for spiritual food and dehydrated from the lack of drinking in God’s Word. Even though I’ve attended church most Sundays since I was a toddler, with only brief periods of “churchlessness” in between, I’ve not always felt as full as I know I could be.

How is that even possible when Jesus says He is the bread of life, and we’ll never hunger or thirst?

I used to think that meant coming to church on Sunday, putting on your spiritual bib, fork and knife in hand, and waiting for the preacher to feed me. I thought it was up to him to give me something good enough to chew on all week. Sure, I’d read the little verse and fifty-word devotional they handed out in Sunday School, but still, I wanted more and wasn’t sure why I wasn’t getting it if Jesus said we could have it.

John 6:35 states it plainly: COME and BELIEVE.

We have to come to the Lord and partake of His goodness in order to be filled. We must believe and drink of His truth to have our thirst quenched.

The older I get, I understand more why my ancestors put God first in their lives daily, why they made it a habit (in a good way) to read the Word daily, to devote time to prayer, to love God and love their neighbors.

Living the Christian life is most fulfilling when we’re listening to and talking to God and also when we’re spending time with fellow believers loving them and nurturing them—and being nurtured by them.

We can be filled to overflowing to the point that we will never be hungry or thirsty again. Jesus is the solution. He stands with arms open wide to bring us into his family. He’s ready to give us all the satisfaction that earthly food and drink can never give us. He truly is the well that satisfies. I’m thankful for the Lord especially during this time of year. I pray you will be blessed and filled to the fullest.

About Sherri''s Book
Grafted into Deceit

Answers are hard to find when there's no one to trust.

When Marina Acres launches an investigation to find her company's missing money, she becomes a killer's target and uncovers a tangled vine of deception in the process. Detective Steven Pennington, who suspects drugs are at the root of the problem, must keep Marina safe from the killer while keeping himself from falling for yet another victim. Marina refuses to believe that her business partner could be part of a drug trafficking ring, but when evidence points its finger at her, she must join the fight with Steven to weed out the killer.

About Sherri:
Sherri Wilson Johnson is a multi-published Inspirational Romance novelist, speaker, virtual assistant and self-publishing coach. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and is passionate about writing, publishing, and marketing.

She lives in Georgia with her husband and her Chihuahua. She loves spending time with her adult children and friends or curling up with a good book or her current work-in-progress. Sherri enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles in the winter, watching Bob Ross painting videos (although she can't paint), and counts the days every year until she can take another trip to the beach.

Where to find Sherri:
Grafted into Deceit: http://amzn.to/2iOgDiA

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Book Spotlight ♦ Holly's Noel ♦ Elle E. Kay

Holly Berries - courtesy Pixabay
"I haven't been able to move on. I'm stuck in a holding pattern. It's like I'm waiting for him to come home to start my life."

The words above came from my heroine, Holly Ewing.  They sum up how she’s been living and how many of us live out our days. We are either waiting for something, or mourning something we’ve lost, but we get stuck. We can’t move on.  Instead of taking a meandering trail through forests and meadows, we find ourselves on a treadmill in a concrete jungle. To step off the treadmill, we need to learn to trust.

Holly needs to trust Jesus again before she can restart her life.

“Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”
                                                                                                  Psalms 37:5   -KJV

Holly’s Noel is a romantic comedy. Her story is written in a lighthearted comedic way, but the timeless truth of her struggles with trusting God are gently weaved throughout.

About the Book:  

Forced to rent out her childhood home next door to make ends meet, Holly Ewing finds herself battling an aggravating new renter.

Best-selling author, Noel Ryan, rents a home on Lake Bethel, a three-month escape from the distractions of home. He soon discovers that Holly is a distraction in her own right.

When difficult situations bring them together, will they stop battling long enough to discover the truth before Christmas separates them?

Under the Mistletoe is available for preorder for only .99 at https://www.amazon.com/Under-Mistletoe-Inspirational-stories-Christmas-ebook/dp/B075F7LKCC/.

This story is part of the Under the Mistletoe anthology of novellas which releases on December 1, 2017. I hope you will check it out. I read all the stories included and I enjoyed them (although in one of the stories, I took the side of the ladies portrayed as Grinch type fuddy-duddies. I’m more traditional/old school then some of my fellow authors.)

I had a blast writing Holly’s story and if you enjoy it, I may write more books in this genre.

About Elle:

Elle E. Kay lives on a farmette in the Back Mountain region of Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband, son, dog, and farm animals. She enjoys playing with goats and sheep. She can also frequently be seen with chickens landing on her head. A comical sight to be sure.

Elle is a hopeless romantic who believes in happily-ever-after. She is a born-again Bible believing Christian.

Stella is her debut novel, and is available from most retailers. Claudia, the next book in the Endless Mountain Series, is expected to be released later this year. Elle writes children’s books under the pen name, Ellie Mae Kay.


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A Kind Word ♦ carole Brown

A kind word doeth good like medicine.   

By Carole Brown

The other day a Facebook friend sent me one of those memes that showed a bear, a saying and the word hugs. When I thanked her, she said she’d been thinking of me and hoped all was good. 

At that moment, it was.

Kind words usually give a tiny spark of joy, warmth, laughter or peace. I always like to think of those who use them, as a special person. Let’s think about how kind words benefit:

Never be afraid to pass on a kind word. Have you ever seen a store clerk’s face when you said, “Have a good day?” We were in a farm store the other day, and a lady was in training. She wasn’t familiar with all the ins and outs of ringing up a customer, but her trainer did a good job of instructing her. When I assured them I was fine with the slower pace we were receiving, the trainee’s face lit up. I assured her she’d done a good job when our transaction was completed. 
Always remember: most people have bad days. Be that person who shares a smile, a word of encouragement, a friendly act. Don’t pass on ugly attitudes or actions because the world thinks it’s the thing to do. Be different and bold and encouraging!
There are many types of people with all kinds of personalities. No matter how YOU try, some people will never change. There are always going to be constant complainers and whiners, depressive people with negative attitudes, grouchy people who are angry at everyone and everything. Don’t let that stop you. It’s so easy to allow yourself to be tainted by those ugly personalities and attitudes. Don’t! Remember, a kind word may do more good than you realize.  
Lastly, it’s important to YOU to be kind. Not only will it give you satisfaction in sharing a worthwhile action/word, but it will bring a peace and joy to your own self. 

Ephesians 4:32 says: And be ye kind one to another...  As Christmas draws near, let us remember that kindness is one gift we can share with the whole world. 

Have a wonderful day, people! 

A Flute in the Willows

Both rebels in their own way, Josie and Jerry Patterson must figure out how to keep the other's love...and keep the German enemy at bay. 

Josie has two loves—her skating and Jerry, her husband. But when he returns home looking like a skeleton trying to return to life, she’s scared. What happened in Germany to change a man so much? Has another woman captured his heart? 

Jerry has vowed to let Josie live her own glamourous life...especially after what happened in Germany. But when his wife's life is threatened, Jerry realizes he can’t stand by and do nothing. Jerry has to risk all for the very soul and life of himself—Josie. 

These two damaged, rebellious people learn the hard way that leaning on God instead of their own selves and abilities is the only true way to love and happiness. 


About Carole:
Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. An author of seven fiction books, with another one releasing late November, 2017, she loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

Where to find Carole:

Personal blog
Amazon Author Page:  

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Chores ♦ Devotional ♦ Jenny Harrison


devotional by Jenny Harrison

"Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth." Hosea 6:3 [NIV

What household chores do you put off? For me, it’s dusting. No doubt, it’s my least favorite part of cleaning.  Even when I can write my name in the furniture and sneeze upon entering a given room, I still put the dreaded deed off and choose other chores or online shopping. Eventually, I do dust and wonder why I didn’t sooner. The air is clearer, and my home looks so much better.

Similarly, quiet times are sometimes a struggle. I need time with God even more than my house needs dusting but when I sit down to read, my mind is distracted. Sometimes, I give up and move on to something else. Yet, God speaks to me when I read His Word. It’s as if He’s saying, “I know what you’re going through” and “I’ll never turn you away”. When Scripture speaks to me, I should wonder why I didn’t make time for Him sooner.

Is this scenario familiar to you? If so, how might we encourage one another to press on in Him?

How can we motivate each other to spend time with Him first?

Dear God, thank You that You don’t hold our propensity for distraction against us, and speak to us anyway. Thank You for this grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jenny Harrison is an administrative professional who writes in her spare time. She has a desire to bring hope and encouragement to readers through devotionals, articles, and Christian fiction.