Monday, June 8, 2015

Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin--Oh my!

Socail Media, who needs it? Odds are YOU do. Me too.



I hear and read about it all the time, and I try to absorb it and implement it. But trying to connect with them all is a nighmare and can (and has) lead to frustration, discouragement and wanting to throw up my hands and yell I CAN'T DO THIS!

It can be pretty scary stuff.

The key to getting started, I've learned, is to be judicious in selecting only a few KEY ones, those that will provide the best coverage and give the most exposure. Like the two biggies...Facebook and Twitter. When you get comfortable with those two, check into a few of the next ones like Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linkedin.

No, I'm not about to explain all the why's and whyfor's, how to get started with them, nor how to use them because I'm still trying to figure out which ones are doing me the most good.

I'll leave that up to one of my favorite 'Go-to' blogs maintained by Edie Melson, at to explain and educate. Edie is a veritable encyclopedia on social media. Her Monday posts, especially, are devoted to this very topic. I urge you to visit her blog, check out some of her posts—not just on Monday—and subscribe to her blog posts. Trust me.

That being said, or what I'm getting at, basically, is that as I continue to tweak and improve this blog, I'm thinking of creating a new 'page', listing links to my readers' blogs to Share the love. Hey...that might even be a good title for the page itself!

If you're interested in being on that page, send me your BLOG links by using the comments option below, or use the Contact Peg button on the navigation bar above (or click HERE)

Now, since I've not yet figured out a way to get all these embeded on this blog somehow, allow me to share MY social media links. Feel free to Like, Follow, Join, or whatever, (even ignore...I won't be offended) if you're part of any of these below.

I'd love to have some interaction with you!


  1. Social media is scary stuff, but so necessary to keep up with everyone and everything that's going on. Facebook and Twitter are musts. Things change so fast. Right now I'm learning the how-to of tweetables, so I'm way behind the learning curve. In addition to Edie's site, a couple of other helpful sites I've found are Blogging Bistro and Leah Kalamakis Blog, with little vids.
    Good post, Peg.

  2. Peggy Blann PhiferJune 10, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    Thanks, Sally. Having you drop in so often gladdens my heart. ♥