Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let’s Research with author Rose Allen McCauley

rose-aboutRose loves to travel and has posted pictures from several countries on her website/blog at .

A retired schoolteacher who has been happily married to her college sweetheart for over four decades, she is also mother to three grown children and their spouses and Mimi to five lovely, lively kids!

Although Rose has lived on a farm of almost four hundred acres for the past forty-two years, she recently moved to a small town in KY. She loves to read and write small town stories. If you have a small town story you’d like to share, please stop by her website and leave a comment. She would love to hear from you.

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Joy Worth runs away to Puerto Rico with a broken engagement, broken heart, and questions for the Lord. Can Benigno Cook earn her trust and love while helping her learn to hear God’s still, quiet voice again?


Research for Surrender to Peace set in Puerto Rico, by Rose Allen McCauley @RoseAMcCauley

My husband says we travel more than he wants to and less than I want to, but we both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Puerto Rico to get first-hand research for my latest book, Surrender to Peace.

I did my beginning research on the Internet as I was writing this book, and I found lots of pictures and helpful sites. But, I still felt I needed to travel to some of the locations to make sure all the facts were right, and I was very glad I did as I found a major blooper. One of the restaurants listed as oceanfront was really over a block from the ocean, so I had to re-write that romantic scene!

Also, actually seeing the rainforest and going on the tour to La Mina Falls in El Yunque National Forest made it easier to describe the scenery and trails.

So, I do recommend going to all the places you can to do research or at least make some calls to ask questions from local people, which is what I try to do when I can’t visit the sites.

I hope you can travel to Puerto Rico someday, but until then I hope you will want to read this book. Several of my reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads wrote about how real the descriptions were, and they felt like they were traveling with my characters!

Happy reading, and happy travels whether in person on through the pages of a book!

  • “Writing stories set in small towns with huge hearts”
  • Available on Amazon and other locations:
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  • Surrrender to Peace, Olivia Kimbrell Press available for pre-order: Courageous Brides, Barbour

Thank you so much, Rose, for sharing what must have been a fun and fascinating research trip!


  1. Thanks, Peggy Blann Phifer. Looking forward to hosting you on my blog next month!

  2. Thank you, Rose, for dropping by and leaving a comment. Also for being my guest this week. I envy your trip to Puerto Rico. What fun that must have been.