Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Writing Faith-based Fiction for Kids; Part II, Plus Extended Giveaway

Write Faith-Based Fiction for Kids

By Rachel LaMonica Pellegrino
Publisher and Managing Editor of Little Lamb Books

So, you read the post last Tuesday here http://bit.ly/2mmx2hG and you agree that we not only need faith-based fiction for children, but you feel called to write faith-based fiction for either elementary, middle grade, or young adult readers.

Now What?

Good question, and while there are many ways to move forward, it’s as simple as looking at your FAITH.

F is for Foundation:
Whatever genre or age group you choose to focus on, build your foundation by reading books in that style, researching other authors, and following the writing guidelines. The foundation of your picture book or chapter book should be the same as any other book like it. Don’t skimp on character development, don’t forget the arc of your plot, and don’t forget that all writing rules and directions apply. Incorporating faith in the form of your main character or within the storyline does not give you a license to do less…it requires you to do more. Make sure the bones of your manuscript are strong, just like the foundation of your spiritual walk should be.

A is for Author Platform:
As much as you want an agent or publisher to sign you and to validate your work, your job is NOT done once the manuscript is finished or has been selected. In fact, your job has just begun. How have you developed your author platform? Do you have a website? Do you have followers on any media accounts? Have you joined any organizations, like SCBWI or ACFW? Are you networking with other faith-based businesses and leaders? Are you involved in a non-profit? Do you have a home church? Are you a part of a writing group? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered, and that will have an impact as you develop your manuscript into a book and as your book becomes available to readers.

I is for Invest:
Invest time in the Word of God, in prayer, and in worship. It seems so simple, but if you choose to follow this calling of writing faith-based fiction, don’t just assume God will show up in your text and your illustrations. Invest time in a Bible study. Invest in memorizing scripture or Bible journaling. Invest your heart by spending time with God and asking Him to open doors, answer your questions, and provide where needed. You need to invest in your FAITH so that you can share it authentically in your stories. You also need to invest because the moment you begin to pursue this calling, there is an enemy roaming around searching for ways to cast doubt and create strife because he does not want you to reach our young people for Christ.

T is for Target:
Who is your target audience? Who are you writing for? Young readers learning Bible verses for the first time, or teens facing the challenges of being a light in our dark world? Who are you selling to? Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, parents, or grandparents? Know who will buy your book and read your book so you can purposefully target your audience and market to them effectively.

H is for Harvest:
For your faith-based manuscript to collect readers and reach others, you must plant the seed by submitting it to faith-based publishers. It is easy to look around and wonder if it would be better to water down the faith within your story so you can approach a secular company, but then you wouldn’t be fulfilling your purpose. My company, Little Lamb Books, is just one of many independent and traditional publishers looking for faith-based fiction manuscripts. Don’t allow doubt to stop you from moving forward. Don’t hesitate to research publishing companies and query them. Take the time to plant your faith-based manuscript with the right agent or publisher who is willing to lead you, pray with you, support you, and assist you with your audience, marketing, and sales, and you will reap the blessings of hard work, determination, and prayer.

I believe God is calling many writers to write faith-based fiction so that we can raise-up a generation that is strong in their beliefs, morals, and values. We need entertaining stories in creative settings led by interesting characters that our children can enjoy getting to know and learn from, as they grow in their FAITH day-by-day and book-by-book.

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  1. Rachel, I loved reading about your passion and your mission to bring faith-based work to our young people! May you be blessed as you continue to pursue this goal.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Patti. As always, it's good to see your smiling face here once agin.