Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Unfortunately, yes. You’ll remember right around the first of the year I switched from Blogger to Wordpress. Now, I’m switching back to Blogger.

I won’t go into all the frustrating details, and believe me, there were a TON of them. Bottom line is that as of April 26, or around there, Google will start penalizing all blogs that are not mobile-friendly…and I understand it’s not a small penalty.When I ran my Wordpress blog through Googles little test, it failed.

I tried all kinds of suggestions to try to make it mobile-friendly to no avail. I kept adding this plug-in or that plug-in, but nothing worked. Blogger is automatically mobile-friendly, since Google owns it.

So, I cried Uncle and gave up, and redirected whispersinpurple.com to whispersinpurple.blogspot.com. Not to worry, the ‘old’ link will still work. You’ll just end up here automatically,

I am now in the process of importing the last several month’s worth of posts. Hopefully, that won’t take too long. I’ve been on Blogger since 2007, but there’s no sense in trying to bring all those old posts back.

I apologize for this, but for my readers, the transition should be seamless.

Will be catching things up through the rest of this week.

How do you like the new header banner?


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