Sunday, April 19, 2015

Help me name a character

Why I’m having so much trouble with this I have no idea. The name I need isn’t even for a major character. Nor a secondary one. She’ll most likely be mentioned a time or two throughout the whole story. But her being there IS important for one of my main characters.

cheerleader-2Does this little cartoon give you an idea the kind of person I’m looking for?

She is:

  1. * A seventeen-eighteen yr. old high school senior

  2. * She’s a cheerleader

  3. * She thinks she’s better than anyone else

  4. * her ‘friends’ don’t really like her, but they want to be in her clique

  5. * She used to date the current boyfriend of one of my main characters

  6. * she does not like my character

  7. * She and this guy were crowned Homecoming King & Queen during their junior year . . . he's the hunky star quarterback

  8. * she thinks she can get him back, and . . .

  9. * as the cartoon says, she wants to break them up

I’m quite positive you had at least one girl like that in your own school years, or maybe you have daughters dealing with Miss Ima Snob right now..

For me, those days have been long, long years in the past, and I haven't a clue about current snooty girls’ names du jour these days

That’s where you come in.

I tried to create a poll with some possible names I’m playing around with but couldn’t get it to work. Even if this person is minor, I cannot use names beginning with, R, V, S, M (already have two, don’t want another) or J.

Here are the names I’m contemplating, in no particular order:

    • Chantel

    • Amelia

    • Francine

    • Natalie

    • Desiree

I have to admit I'm leaning heavily toward one of those names and I'd love to see how many—if any—agree with me. Or, convince me otherwise!

I’ll be making my decision one week from today, Monday, April 27. For all who enter with your vote of choice in the comment section below—provided I get 5 or more entries—I’ll toss your name into a drawing to win all three volumes of my e-book (Kindle) short stories in the Sweetland Series: All Things Work Together; Silver Bells and Candlelight; and Perfect for the Job.

Please leave contact information in your comment.

PLEASE vote for ONE of the names above.  If you think you can come up with an even more delicious name, feel free to suggest it in ADDITION to one of those in the list in your comment.

Thanks for the help!


  1. When I look for a name, I like to use websites that give the most popular names for the decade. A person who is 18 would have been born about 1997. A couple of popular names in the '90s were Kaitlin and Alexis. I would avoid names that have a soft sound to them like Emily or Mia. Here are some websites to use to check names:

    I hope this helps.

  2. Wow-- when I saw that super picture of the blond - I thought of an old friend in high school. I know it's outdated possibly, but the name Babs has always had a fascinating person behind it. The real name Barbara is fine - but was never able to get close to a girl, if she was called Babs. :O) Bless you dear Peg, this is fun. Can't wait to see what the "real name" turns out to be. (terrible wording... hee hee)

  3. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 20, 2015 at 4:01 AM

    Hi, Lucy! Thanks for playing my little name game. I'll write Babs down on my list. That name brings to mind Barbara Walters who is often referred to as Babs :)

  4. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 20, 2015 at 4:06 AM

    Janet, thanks for taking part in this fun naming game. And thanks for the link. If I don't get any satisfactory name suggestions, I'll take a look. Thing is, the two names you mentioned...Kaitlin is the name of one of my great-neices only she spells hers with a "C" - and she's not catty at all. :) - Alexis is a good name for this gal. I'll write it down.

  5. Oh please not Shantel! I met a girl by that name yesterday and she's a gem!!! What about Bianca? Or Mercedes?

  6. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 20, 2015 at 5:16 AM

    LOL, Joy! Both of your suggested names are great. *Sigh* - this is getting complicated :)

  7. Keeping to the 5 names you are toying with, my vote is for Desiree, it even sounds snobbish.

  8. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 20, 2015 at 12:43 PM

    It does, doesn't it? :)
    Thanks, Marcia, I appreciate you dropping in.

  9. I think Desiree describes her perfectly.

  10. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 21, 2015 at 5:37 AM

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, June. That's 2 votes for Desiree so far. :)

  11. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 21, 2015 at 7:09 AM

    Another thing is, whichever name I do choose, I'll probably use some of the others as some of this character's cronies. :)

  12. Okay--you've hooked me into all this fun! I'll go along with Desiree if I have to stick to the five, but what about this one: Angelique or Angellica -- with the different spelling. I think it sort of elevates her to the snob realm (I say, hoping not to step on any toes) ☺.

  13. Peggy Blann PhiferApril 21, 2015 at 2:20 PM

    That's another good one, Sally, and the name begins with a letter I can use :)
    Depending on how many of the trouble-making girls I insert into the story, I might use it.
    Thanks dear friend.