Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Where do writers get their ideas?

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE!I was privileged to be asked to write a guest blog post on my publisher’s blog. It is up now for your reading pleasure. My post answers the question above: Where do writers get their ideas?

Here’s the first two paragraphs:

“This is one of the most often asked questions writers get. And the answers can be as varied as there are writers. But the overall core answers are usually a combination of WATCH, LOOK & LISTEN!
I’m not going to shoot you a whole long list of ways to gather ideas. If you’ve ever asked this question, you’ve heard them all. You can go to Google and search for writing prompts and find 12-million sites!”

(I’m just sayin’…the article contains some of MY favorite, fun, was to glean writing ideas.)

You can read the rest at: Helping Hands Press: WATCH, LOOK & LISTEN-Peggy Blann Phifer

I’d love it if you’d click on the link to read the rest of my article, and would be even more grateful if you’d leave a comment. Thanks!

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