Sunday, August 16, 2015

Up To My Old Tricks Again


Notice anything different?

One of the crosses I bear, if you want to call it that, is that I’m a perfectionist. That fact wreaks havoc with my writing, for one thing. It  is nearly impossible for me to sit at my computer facing a blank page . . .

Wait, let me back up. I’m what’s called a seat-of-the-pants writer. I have an idea for a story, a setting–sometimes–and usually my main character. Maybe a vague idea of a plot of some sort, and that’s about it. So when I set out to write, every word, every twist, every new character that enters the scene, is a surprise to me. It’s kind of fun, but not necessarily a good thing.The perfectionist thing comes into play when I have to stop and search for the right word, the right description, am I telling or showing, and all that inhibits my forward progress.

I’ll settle for the okay word or phrase, and try to move on, but . . .

I’m the same way with almost everything I do. Rearranging furniture. Rearranging my files. Rearranging my cupboards. I’m sure you get the picture.

Which brings me to this blog site and design. The blog title itself dictates the theme overall design. Over the past several years I’ve played around with numerous different headers, all with a purple image of some sort. I like them at first, then grow tired of them or decide they’re not quite right, and go on a search for something better.

That’s what happened yesterday. Hence, the header image that now greets you. The WordPress Theme I’m using calls for a header of 940x198 pixels. When I’d find an image I liked, I usually had to either crop it or resize it–or both–resulting in something less than satisfactory. But I settled. I felt guilty spending so much time on such a superfluous thing. Or so I told myself.

But this time, somehow, was different. Determined to find what, to me, was the perfect image, I spend several hours browsing the Internet in the WordPress images world until . . . I saw what you see above. The candles and purple-centered daisies whispered peace to me. My shoulders relaxed, and my heart said . . . Home.

For a refresher, below are the last few headers I’ve used. I hope, when you compare them to this new one, you’ll agree with me.


 cropped-Newblogbanner cropped-abstract-fractal-purple-fractals-1920x1080-wallpaper14922 next-banner

(Click on the images for a larger view.)

Think about it. Blog title: Whispers in Purple. Tag line: Keep listening for that still small voice if you are weary on life’s road; The Lord will make your heart rejoice if you will let him take your load.

Share your thoughts with me.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks, Jo. Glad you like it. I think I've finally found THE one. It comorts me.
    Thanks for dropping in.