Wednesday, December 23, 2015

To Do. . . or To Don’t


Have you ever found yourself with such a huge ‘to do’ list you don’t know which thing to do first…so you do nothing? You just sit there and stare at that list and sigh, or cringe, growl and gnash your teeth, want to scream, start pulling at your hair, try to ignore it, or all of the above?

The thing is, they’re all important, and they all need to be done. now, if not yesterday.  That list can not, and will not, be ignored.

This time of year has a particularly demanding ‘to do’ list, but I find myself with this type of issue quite often through the year, not just at holiday time.

So, what to do about it? No, I’m not offering some wise, sage advice. If I had any, I wouldn’t be writing this . . . I’d be whacking away at that list. Either that or I wouldn't”t have such a halacious list to begin with.

I’ve always had a problem with time management, as well as knowing how to separate the urgent from the important.

Knowing this, my creative mind has come up with the perfect solution.

  • I get a giant spinning wheel like the one on The Price is Right, or Wheel of Fortune.
  • I put one of my to do items in each of the slots around the wheel. If I still have room left, I duplicate those items until the wheel is filled.
  • Then I spin the wheel, and wherever it stops, I do that chore/item. Simple, huh? But wait…what if I don’t want to do that one? I just spin it again, right? Wrong.
  • This wheel is special. Wherever it stops, it locks up…no second spin allowed until that task is completed. Okay, I still don’t want to do that one, so I just walk away, right? Wrong again.
  • This magical wheel has the power to force me to complete the task it landed on. If I try to walk away, decide to do anything else, or deviate in any way, it ZAPS me. Hard!
  • It also knows exactly when I’m done, and will unlock the wheel for the next spin.
  • Oh, it also know if I have more time in the day to do another task, and makes me spin again, repeating the whole process.

Some gadget, huh?

On second thought, I think I’ll just figure out a way to manage those tasks on my own. The above sounds a bit drastic. So much for a fertile imagination.



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