Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Thoughts with Carole Brown

It’s December

Desktop Wallpaper, December 2015. Virginia Tech.It’s December, and a busy time of the year it is. Plenty of time for writing, right? Not! What with the shopping, decorating, cards and cooking, plays and pageants, cantatas and practices, visits and schedules--hectic-ism (my word! LOL) abounds. And if we let it, there’ll be little time for writing.

Not good.

Or is it?

I realized several years ago, I needed to make a December change in my life. I could NOT accept every invitation, attend every play, spend as much, and do everything that was offered. It was too stressful, and the peace and joy and happiness was missing because of it. So here’s how I dealt with it:

  • Scale down and back. On the spending, our family was growing. As much as I adore them all, I had to set reasonable limits to how much I could spend and pretty much stick with that goal. Besides kids already have everything! Lol.
  • My attendance is not required at every December function! I’m a loving, caring person, but I’m NOT--as much as the world wants us to portray that picture--a super woman. Yes, I do a LOT of things, and yes, God is all powerful and willing to give me strength. But he also gave me a mind. I had to CHOOSE what is the most important and what is the most attractive to me and mine. Less is more during December.

By doing those simple things, I’ve found I’m still plenty busy, but can also find time to write, edit, research or plot. Best of all, I’m left with the peace and joy that comes with a simple and laid back schedule for December.

A few simple tips for your December writing goals:

  • Give yourself permission to “go easy” if necessary. Things ALWAYS come up. So be prepared and accepting that you might not get 10,000 words written every week. Shoot for less and do more if you’re able.
  • Adjust your work. In other words, if you can’t write more words in your manuscript, then edit or do a little research or some promoting.
  • Give yourself frequent breaks to relax, have fun, enjoy the kids or grandkids, or whatever else keeps you smiling!
  • Treat yourself to a simple or easy or cheap special that you seldom enjoy! You’ll come back to work better for it.

Most of all, realize what the season is all about. God gave us a very special gift. Now let’s give back to him: our hearts and our talents, by being all we can be and at our very best.

Merry Christmas!

Carole’s Featured Book:

Sabataged Christmas1 front cover3

Toni DeLuca, the Italian owner of DeLuca Construction, finds herself confronted with doubts about her father and his possible deceptions--all because of the mysterious pink notes she’s receiving.

Relations with Perrin Douglas who has a troubled history—but the first man in years who’s interested her--is building to a peak. Yet Perrin‘s own personal problems and his doubts about women and God, keep getting in the way.

Gossip, a Spanish proposal, an inheritance, and a sabotaged construction business all converge to play a part in ruining Christmas for Toni’s employees. Will the mysterious person behind it all succeed in pulling off the biggest scam Appleton, West Virginia has ever seen?

Will this culprit destroy Toni’s last chance at happiness with the man of her dreams?

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About Carole:

CaroleAug14 (14) cropped

Brown not only has her award winning (2015 Winner of the USA Best Books Award, 2015 Small Publishers Book Award, RWA International Digital Award finalist, Clash of the Titles Laurel Awards finalist, Selah finalist; Genesis semi-finalist) debut novel, The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, available for purchase now.

A companion book called West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life of Caralynne Hayman, filled with tidbits of information about West Virginia, quotes, recipes from West Virginia and from Caralynne’s life, pictures and discussion questions for the novel is also available.

The first book in her Denton & Alex Davies mystery series, Hog Insane and Bat Crazy, the second book are fun, lighthearted novels that not only deal with the mysteries the Davies land in, but relationships too.

The first book in a new WWII Spies Romantic Suspense series, With Music In Their Hearts are nostalgic, warm-hearted books that place readers firmly in that era. Three red-headed sisters. Three spies. Three stories.

This month, Brown is releasing the first book in a new series, The Appleton, WV Romantic Mysteries: Sabotaged Christmas.

Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

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