Sunday, January 10, 2016

Be Intentional

by Peggy Blann Phifer @pegphifer

So, what does that mean…Be Intentional?intentional-e

Some synonyms for the word are deliberate and purposeful.

I haven’t made New Year Resolutions in decades. As such, I think they are doomed to fail. Instead, I make goals.

But aren’t they the same, you ask? In a way, I suppose they are, yet they’re not.  Consider:

    • Resolution: I will lose at least ten pounds, exercise three times a week,, eat only healthy foods… this year.
    • Goal: I will be more intentional about taking better care of myself this year.

As a writer wanting to support other writers:

    • Resolution: I will write at least one book review every month.
    • Goal: I am going to be more intentional about writing and posting book reviews.

Do you see the subtle difference?

    • Resolutions tend to tie you to specific things, thus harder  to accomplish. Most will fail at this, and end the year in frustration and disappointment.
    • Goals, on the other hand, are pretty much NON-specific, easier to accomplish, and end the year with satisfaction.

The word Intentional ties in with my post from last week about Perseverance. With the right goals, it’s easier to persevere, don’t you think?

What about you? Are you a Resolver…or a Goaler? (Just made that word up.)

Be sure to join the conversation with your thoughts.

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