Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Crumbs: A Devotion by Cassandra Wessel

by Cassandra Wessel


Mark 7:28 – "Yes, Lord," she replied, "but even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs." (NIV)

This morning after breakfast, as I ran my finger around the plate "licking up" toast crumbs, my mind flew to my mother. You see, she grew up in extreme poverty. As a result of the deprivation, she had a true appreciation for the things we take for granted—things like food. At the end of her meal, she would lick her finger, wipe the plate with the damp digit then lick her finger clean. That was her way of "licking the platter clean". Naturally, I grew up thinking that I was supposed to "lick up" the crumbs. I wasn't to waste one crumb. Mother always said, "Waste not; want not."

This morning as I "licked up" the crumbs from the plate, my mind drifted to the movie, "Jesus", and a scene based on today's Scripture, where a Palestinian woman fell at his feet begging our Lord to heal her desperately sick daughter. His reply was that he had been sent to the Israelites, not to the Gentiles. Her reply stuck with me like crumbs to my damp finger: "Yes, Lord, but even the dogs lap up the crumbs beneath the table." Jesus responded that she had exhibited great faith and he told her to go home; her daughter was healed.

In the movie, Jesus' disciples objected to this healing. He replied that He had seen a dying child and asked them, "Did you want me to let her die?" The mother's situation had been hopeless, desperate. Jesus was her last and best hope. Thus he honored her crumbs of faith.

Just as Jesus honored the request of the Palestinian mother from long ago, crumbs on my plate remind me that Jesus still honors our smallest crumbs of faith.

Prayer: Father God, we find it hard to have faith when life throws impossible challenges our way. We ask you to increase our crumbs of faith so that we may face life's difficulties through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Thought: God will honor our smallest crumbs of faith.


Cass Wessel spends her time reading and crafting stories to win the heart. She has many published devotionals, contributions in denominational magazines, anthologies, and also in the books of other authors. She is currently editing her own Amish romance, Choices, and has written two other novels. In her role as Influencer, she edits, critiques, and promotes other works. She is a member of ACFW, ACFW Pennsylvania Group, ACFW NW PA group, and the DOGMA critique groups. In past years she attended ACFW Conferences and also Writing Success Conferences. In the latter event, she won awards in writing and poetry three years in a row. Cass lives in Tionesta, PA and is a retired elementary school teacher, minister, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.



  1. Thanks, Cass, for this wonderful reminder that even when my faith is sometimes weak, Jesus honors my "crumbs" and loves me just the same. And thanks, Peg, for hosting Cass this morning! I love the look of your refreshed website. Very clear and easy to read and enjoy. Blessings, Sally

  2. Peg, thanks for hosting this devotional today. It's always good to get the word out about God's great grace. I truly appreciate your effort here and love this fresh look at your website. Blessings and thanks again, Cass Wessel

  3. Thank you so much, Sally. It's always good to see you here. I'm glad you like the "new" website design. I fussed with it for some time until I found a layout I really liked. Hugs!

  4. Having you here today has been my pleasure, Cass. I'm looking forward to presenting more devotions from you in the future. And thanks for your kind comments on the revised website design. I'm happy with it. :) Blessings...

  5. Very nice, Cass. I can relate to the poverty and the wonderful scriptures. :)) Blessed day to you!

  6. Hi, Jean Ann! So good to hear from you again :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs!

  7. Enjoyed reading your blog Peg. Cass's story touched my heart with these words, "Just as Jesus honored the request of the Palestinian mother from long ago, crumbs on my plate remind me that Jesus still honors our smallest crumbs of faith." Blessings!

  8. Judy, thank you for dropping in. Cass's words blessed me as well.