Sunday, March 4, 2018

Combatting Spring Fever

by Peggy Blann Phifer @pegphifer

Yes, I know there’s only sixteen days left before it’s “officially” spring, but …

Winter still has a firm grip on NW Wisconsin, and there’s another big storm approaching sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning. With predictions of six to nine inches of more snow … and as much as eleven inches in certain ‘locations.’

I’ve had enough! Yeah, I know there’s nothing I can do about it, And complaining about it won’t change anything.

But there’s something I can do about me … and my attitude.

While I haven’t felt much like writing these past two days, my creative self wanted to do something … so I played. What you see here today is the result. New header, a s slight change in background …

In case you don’t remember the former ‘theme’ I’ve copied it below.

Whispers 2018 Header-1400

So, what say you? Improvement? or not.

If you care to, leave a comment below.

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