Thursday, October 8, 2015

Author Susan Page Davis: An Interview

Welcome to Whispers in Purple, Susan. Make yourself comfortable in my Cozy Den.


I’m so happy to have you here as my guest. Let’s chat awhile

List five things that you must have in your life–people not included”
Books, a cat, a sharp pair of scissors, my glasses, and comfortable clothes.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you, and how did you handle it?
As I waited for my daughter to complete the road test portion of her driver’s exam, I was telling her instructor why we had chosen him over our older child’s teacher: she had smoked in the car with the students, even though we told her that our son had asthma. Then I turned around, and guess who had accompanied another exam taker and was standing right behind me? Gulp. I think I just said, “Oh, hello,” and that was about it.

Oops!  If you could go back in time and live in another era, what would it be, and why?
I would like to live for a SHORT time in the Middle Ages. I don’t really want to stay there. This era fascinates me, but I know it was a hard time to live, especially if you weren’t rich.

Money being no object, where would be your dream writing getaway?
In the tower room of an old castle, with a fire crackling on the hearth and a servant to keep it going. Oh, and plenty of parchment and quills and ink.

Ooh, that sounds wonderful!  May I join you? What is your favorite material item you own? Why?
I am pretty attached to a watercolor painting of the house I grew up in. It’s not by a famous artist, but it reminds me of “home” and family.

What sparks your creativity when feeling drained?
Solving a code or petting a cat.

Who is your favorite author and what, if anything, have you learned by readinghis/her books?
I love Dick Francis’s mysteries. I learned from him to go deeper with the plot twists and keep the action coming.

What superpower would you like to have, and why?
I’d love to be able to write books by thinking about them. Have the thoughts I think show up on the screen without typing or saying it. But only the ones I WANT to show, of course.

Wow, wouldn’t that be grand? I’m with you!

Let’s talk about your featured book. How did you come to write it?
Reliable CowboyThe Reliable Cowboy is a classic mail-order bride romance. The heroine, Isabella, is a little bit like me. She left her home and friends in Maine and ventured west. I did that, too, when I married my Oregon-born man. But ours was different in that we had met several times and gotten to know each other. We had corresponded for about four years.

Give us a peek into what it’s about.
Isabella Johnston lost her husband to the sea, and now she wants to get as far from the coast as she can. She is tired of always worrying about men on the water. When she hears about a plan to send mail-order brides from her church to Wyoming Territory, she sees it as the ideal chance to move far from the ocean. She leaves Maine to marry a cowboy, reasoning that he will be safe on the ranch. Edwin Gray is being considered for the job of ranch foreman by the owner. This job would include a small cabin, and Edwin decides to put his name on the list for a mail-order bride. Afterward, he wonders if that was a mistake. If a bride comes for him, and he doesn’t get the promotion to foreman, how can he marry her? He needs to be sure he’ll have a place for them to live. Isabella arrives, and they wait for word from the rancher. Every time Edwin is late for an engagement, she finds herself worrying. Has he had an accident, the way her first husband did? What could be horrible enough to make him late for their wedding?

Who is the publisher and what is the release date?
Christmas Mail-Order Angels vol. 1-6While I published my individual novella, the Christmas Mail-Order Angels collection is published by Forget-Me-Not Romances. It’s available now, as a solo novella (The Reliable Cowboy) or in the collection.

Where can readers purchase it?
Right now it’s a Kindle-only book, and can be borrowed or purchased here for The Reliable Cowboy:

And here for the Christmas Mail-Order Angels collection:


About Susan:

Susan Page Davis croppedSusan Page Davis is the author of more than sixty published novels. A Maine native, she now lives in Kentucky. She’s a two-time winner of the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award, and also a winner of the Carol Award and the Will Rogers Medallion, and a finalist in the WILLA Awards and the More Than Magic Contest. Visit her website at: .

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Thank you, Susan. It’s been fun getting to know you! Would love to have you come back again soon.


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