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A Time to Heal ♦ Book Spotlight ♦ Rose Verde

Hi, fellow 'Whisperers' ... it's time to sit back and enjoy this peek into another  "Story Behind the Story" and book spotlight. I think you'll find this one uniquely interesting. I know I sure want to read it. 

A Time To Heal
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a 'Story Behind the Story'

by Paulyn Aneke, writing as Rose Verde

As a teenager, I’d read some detective/military books and fell in love with the characters—minus the villain, LOL! I remembered telling myself I’d want to be a detective. The attraction was all the action, brilliance and their ability to overcome the obstacles. What I never knew was the risk they faced every day.

A time to heal popped into my head when I began to consider how much people risked themselves to keep us safe. I started with the “what-if” question which took me round and round for a while. I wanted a story in which my protagonist will lose his job in the US Marines, and it had to matter to him? It had to be something he really cared for.

And then an idea struck. What if he was a foster kid and the Marines guaranteed he wouldn’t have to live on the street when he outgrew the system? And “A time to heal” was born.

My protagonist was a foster kid who got into the US Marines as a way out off the system he’d outgrown. He falls in love with his job as a dog handler, but while on tour in Afghanistan, a bomb explodes killing his dog and leaving him with a traumatic amputation and a leg that had to be salvaged.

It is often a wonder what the imagination is capable of with just a what-if question. At first, it may not seem like its heading nowhere—random ideas, right? But out of those scribbles, meaningless and meaningful ones are birthed the best stories.

It’s interesting and I always love the happily ever after, after my dear, dear protagonist has gone through the wringer.

 About the Book:
Book Title: A time to heal by Rose Verde (pen name)
Publisher: Forget Me Not Romance
Release Date: 05/08/17

Who wants a broken man?

After being medically discharged from the US Marines, Landon Kendall has no immediate plans. Reluctantly, he accepts a friend’s invitation to spend Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where he meets the guy’s sister. Her lively spirit and faith give him reasons to hope. He wants to live again…but wishes he were whole for her.

Raven Jamison’s plans to see the world does not involve a man. Yet when her gaze locks with the smoky gray eyes of her brother’s friend, she wants to wipe the hurt that calls to her from their depths. But she knows something keeps him from opening up. Will he trust her with his secret and allow them find their way to love or keep her like everyone else out forever?

About Rose:
Rose Verde is an avid reader and has always enjoyed making up stories since junior high school. She is a nurse/midwife in her other life, married to her own real-life hero and blessed with two lovely kids. When she is not writing, she is singing, daydreaming or reading.

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