Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Behind the Story ♦ Book Spotlight ♦ Theresa Lynn Hall ♦ Ransom in Rio

Theresa Lynn Hall

Ransom in Rio

Sometimes authors have a hard time thinking of plot ideas for the next book. As a full-time teacher, I was getting so bogged down with work, I felt my creativity was lacking when it came to my writing. So when PBG started this new series called Passport To Romance, I jumped at the chance to write one. The guidelines were listed with various international locations, each one having a set of three things that must be in the story. I picked Rio, Brazil because my husband had traveled there for work only a few years before. He stayed for two weeks and brought back many pictures and stories of the culture. I was so fascinated by this place that when I saw it listed as a Passport To Romance, I knew this was the book I wanted to write. I hope you enjoy the trip there with Lexi and Brayden. Be on the lookout for a formal event, an emerald necklace, and a family secret that rips Lexi’s life apart.
Private Investigator, Braden McCoy wants nothing more than to finish out the week doing a little fishing from his boat. The ex-special ops vet enjoys his peaceful life and loves his new career. He’s learned to put his past behind him and enjoy his blessings. Until a mourning redhead walks into his office and changes his plans.
Lexi Ramos always knew her family was dysfunctional. Until the sudden death of her brother, she never knew exactly how much. Consumed with questions surrounding his accident, she seeks the help of a private investigator. What starts out as a murder investigation in Cozumel, quickly crosses borders and escalates into a race against time to save them both from Brazilian kidnappers, who somehow know more about her family secrets than she does. Lexi soon realizes that life comes with a price.
About the Author:

As a native Texan, Theresa loves to write suspenseful stories that happen in small Texas towns with old fashioned Southern values. She’s an elementary teacher and mom to two boys—the oldest being in law enforcement, which comes in handy when she’s researching. When she’s not teaching kids or writing, she loves to cook, read a good suspense, and binge-watch episodes of Dateline. She is a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). 
She actively promotes fellow Christian Fiction authors on her blog. She also loves to hear from readers who enjoy Christian Fiction and can be found at: 

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