Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Interview with Deborah Hemstreet, all the way from Haifa, Israel: Part II


Welcome back! Debbie and I have been waiting for you Smile  If you missed Part I of this interview you can read it HERE.

Today, Debbie and I are going to share some of the great photos Debbie sent along, with their location, and an explanation to go along with each one. We hope you’ll enjoy the tour. Click on each picture to enlarge.

marrying_Rich_on_Mount_Carmel north_near_Mount_Hermon

Rich and I were married outdoors on Mount Carmel. One of the happiest days of my life.

Banias has a great deal of water that feeds into the Jordan River. This picture was taken there. Banias is at the foot of Mount Hermon in the North.

court_of_pan_and_nymphs Saint Peter's in Gallicantu

In the north of Israel is a site many like to visit called Banias, the location of Biblical Caesarea Philippi. This site is traditionally thought to have been where Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people way that the Son of Man is?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” People miss the significance of this statement, since they don’t know where Caesarea Philippi was. This photo is of the remains of shrines to idols that were in use at the time of Jesus.

In the face of a Judaism that did not want a non-political Messiah, and the idolatry all around, Peter’s answer was truly one of faith!

Many pilgrims to Israel miss this amazing site in Jerusalem near the Old City. It is my favorite place to visit.

Called Saint Peter’s in Gallicantu, it marks the archeological site of the home of the High Priest, and a court yard—most likely the courtyard where Peter denied knowing Jesus.

This statue commemorates that site.

Also very special is the excavation of the original stairs that climbed up from the Kidron valley to the High Priest’s house. Every time I visit, I like to walk on these stairs… literally the stairs that Jesus walked on…


Debbie, those last few words you wrote on the right, ‘the stairs that Jesus walked on,’ brought back to my mind a solo I dared to sing once–when I still had a voice. The title was I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked. A dynamic piece of music and words that give one goose bumps. The closing words of the song are: […] and felt Him close to me.’ What an experience that would be! You are blessed, my friend.

And so ends Part II of this  fascinating interview with Debbie Hemstreet. It has been wonderful – to see these pictures of today and then try to visualize what they looked like back in Jesus’ time.

Thanks again, Debbie. I’m enjoying every minute, every word, and every picture.

Friends and readers, there are three more photos to share, AND, the story of Debbie’s song and the video recording of it . . . on MONDAY, October 5. Be sure to mark you calendars to read the rest of the story!



  1. I'm way late reading these posts. I so loved the reminder of my trip to Israel these pictures gave me. I remember the awesome feeling flowing over me as I walked in Jesus' footsteps on those very stairs. Gives me chills every time I think of my trip. Maybe I'll return someday and look you up, Debbie. Maybe we could grab a coffee somewhere. Blessings, Cass

  2. Cass, so glad you stopped by to leave a comment for ebbie. Thanks do much. We both appreciate that. I'd love to join you there for some coffee...and stay a while! :)