Thursday, November 10, 2016

Getting to Know Author Jodie Wolfe

A Q & A Session with author Jodie Wolfe

Hi, Jodie, welcome to Whispers in Purple. It’s great to have you here and I’m eager to get to know you. Are you ready to answer some questions?

Me too. J Ask away.

Peg: What five words best describe you?
Jodie: Hope, faith, laughter, Christmas, and snow.
Peg: How do you start your day?
Jodie: With devotions, followed by going for a walk in my neighborhood and praying.
Peg: What authors have inspired and/or mentored you?
Jodie: I'm currently being mentored by James L. Rubart. As for authors who have inspired me, I'd have to say Janette Oke, Gilbert Morris, and Jeff Gerke.
Peg: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Jodie: LOL. Crazy is not a word I'd used to describe me. If anything, I'd say my ongoing battle with the squirrels at my bird feeder. I love being able to use my squirt gun on them.
Peg: What do you put off doing because you dread it?
Jodie: Editing. I'd much rather write.
Peg: If you’d been born into the animal kingdom instead of the human race, what would you be, and why?
Jodie: A puppy because they are loved and cute.
Peg: How much of yourself do you write into your characters?
Jodie: There's usually a little bit of me in each of the heroines that I write, although I'll never tell which parts. J
Peg: How do you choose your story settings?
Jodie: Most times I make up a fictional town, but it usually is based on a specific area of the country. It all depends on whether I plan to write a story set in the Old West or on the East coast where I live.
Peg: Describe your writing process.
Jodie: I usually start out with a kernel of an idea and spend some time thinking on the 'what ifs'. Characters begin to form in my mind as well as where would be the best place and time to set the book. If it's somewhere new, then I'll start researching the area and learning as much as I can about it. Next I work at breathing life into my characters. Then I plunk them into a stressful situation. J
Peg: Okay, now let’s talk about the book we’re spotlighting today.

Title: Love in the Seams
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: November 4, 2016
Genre: Historical romance
Single release or series: Series
Target audience: Women who love historical romance or stories about twins.

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Back cover blurb/synopsis:

               Mae Stafford longs for the companionship and unconditional love her sister has found in her new husband. But after years of refusing potential suitors because of a pact they made as children, Mae no longer has any choices left once their agreement is broken. She's given up hope that God will give her what she desires most, a family of her own. Instead of dwelling on what she doesn't have, she throws herself into her work as the recent sole owner of the local dress shop.

As a promise made to his late wife, Johannes Mueller agrees to travel west to be a school teacher in Calder Springs, Texas, away from the bigotry associated with being an immigrant in New York City. He hopes to improve his life and forget his loss. Johannes isn't counting on his five-year-old daughter's search for a new mother when they arrive. His little LillyAnn finds ways to bring the seamstress and him together…often. Can he learn to embrace his German heritage and unlock his heart to love again?

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About the Author:

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She's been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at 

Thanks Jodie, for being my guest today. It’s been great getting to know you.
Thank you for allowing me to be here today. It's been a pleasure.


  1. Thanks again for hosting me today, Peg. Praying God blesses you and your readers. :)

  2. Hi, Jodie,
    Thanks for being my guest today. It was fun learning a bit more about you here.
    Blessings . . .