Monday, November 14, 2016

God is at Work in Me - A Devotional offering from Sue Fairchild


By Sue A. Fairchild @suefair48

About a year ago, a friend of mine asked if I would be available to edit her friend’s devotional book. I agreed and the friend contacted me. Since then, we’ve been slowly working on editing her work two to three chapters at a time. We’ve been doing it this way due to her limited budget for the work, but I’ve found that stretching out the editing has helped me as well.

At first, her work needed something more. Although her theology was spot on, the devotions lacked a sense of familiarity—a personal touch. I encouraged her to dig deeper into her own relationship with God in order to spill that onto the page for her reader. She took my advice and her work started to transform into something that began to touch my soul.

One day, after reading one of her revised chapters, I sat and cried. She had dug deep all right—deep enough to open a part of me that I hadn’t realized needed light. I marveled at the dichotomy of the situation. Here I was, her editor, correcting her words—helping her writing to shine—but really her words were helping me draw closer to God. She had achieved what she’d set out to do with her devotional: share God’s grace and love with a reader.

I thought about the verse, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 [NIV]

God was using this newfound business relationship to push and mold both of us at the same time for His greater purposes! In addition, once published this devotional book will help to bring light to even more readers! How great is our God?

Paul wrote to the believers of Philippi, “So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure. Phil. 2:12-13 [NASB].

God is working in both this writer and me, as her editor, for His good pleasure. He is accomplishing His will, both in us and, soon, in others, through our work together. Even in the smallest of things of our life, God is in control and is working out the details for His purpose. It is only our job to “work out our salvation” with Him so that we may be used for His will.

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for this revelation and this friendship you have bestowed upon me. When I thought this was merely a job for me to complete, you showed me how it is so much more. May I always be open to the leading of your Spirit in all that I do. Amen.

Sue A. Fairchild is a freelance editor and writer who specializes in substantial edits and Christian writing. She has been published in The Secret Place and The Upper Room devotion magazines as well as numerous other publications. She’d love to talk with you about editing your next big project! 

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