Monday, January 19, 2015

Changes in store

If there’s one thing about blogging, it’s that everything is subject to change, and running two separate blogs just isn’t working for me.

So, beginning in February, Peg’s Bookcase blog will be moving to become incorporated into my Whispers in Purple blog on WordPress, hosted by my web server. It will become a Wednesday feature there.  The site will be taken down on January 31. The last two guest spotlights are January 21, with Katheryn Haddad, and January 28 with Alexis Goring.

By the way, all of February’s Wednesday’s are still available if anyone wishes to sign up. Please use the Contact Peg tab at I also have the first three Wednesday’s of March open, and after March 25, featuring Stephanie Landsem, all future Wednesday spots are wide open.

I’d love it if you’d spread the word and help get writers connected with readers, and vice versa.



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