Saturday, January 17, 2015




When I was a high school sophomore, one of my classes was Biology. Our teacher was a hoot. We never knew what he was going to come up with on any given day. Sometimes, we were even hesitant to enter the classroom.

Case in point: One day as we arrived to take our seats at our assigned tables, we saw the chalkboards on all three sides of the room had been covered by chalk-dust ‘footprints.’ As our eyes traveled along that curious path, the final board bore those words on the picture above.

He never explained. But he knew he’d provoked some serious thoughts among us. He was a great motivator, as you can imagine, and Biology was my favorite class that year, dissecting frogs and salamanders, and all that fascinating, messy stuff.

I have no idea if that was original with him, and I don’t really care. But I’ve never forgotten that. It comes back to me at the oddest times, and I think ‘Thank you Mr. Ehn.’

Ironically, as a writer these days, I sit most of the time. So how can I adapt that quote to fit my current lifestyle? Maybe something like: God’s message won’t reach the world with idle fingers.

Okay, maybe you are not a writer. Perhaps you’re an artist, a musician, a social worker, a pastor or pastor’s wife, a youth worker, a foster mom, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a journalist, whatever . . . how would you adapt and use that quote for yourself?

So, since this is an interactive blog, that’s my challenge to you. Think about it and post your thoughts in the comments section.

As an extra incentive—and since today is my birthday—for those who leave a comment, I’ll throw your names in a hat and draw a name to win an eBook copy of my latest release, Somehow, Christmas Will Come.

Eager to see your responses!



  1. Good blog. As a sitter-downer-writer, I can relate to your post, but I've no brilliant comments to make. So here's wishing you well on this new venture. Blessings, Cass

  2. Thanks, Cass, glad you found me :)
    And I hope you'll keep coming back. I'll work hard to keep things interesting for you.