Friday, January 23, 2015

Dealing with Frustration


Today’s UPPER ROOM spoke to me in some sort of convoluted way. The suggested Scripture reading was from Luke, Chapter 8, Verses 4-15. By the picture at the left you might recognize Jesus’ Parable of the Sower.

The author of today’s devotion wrote about some flowers she planted, but due to her busy-ness, neglected to care for them and eventually the weeds choked them out. The point of her illustration was that she ignored those weeds—worries, she called them—instead of addressing them when they first appeared.

Like the author, I let my worries get away from me, not ignoring them, but dwelling on them. But I don’t face them and do something about them. They eat away at me, destroying my peace, and interfering with my Spiritual walk.

Case in point:

I recently moved Whispers in Purple to a new server. It took a lot of time and work. As a perfectionist, it had to be just so.

Then I spent a considerable amount of time trying to come up with interesting topics each day to draw interest and pull in subscribers, as well as hoping for comments on these brilliant topics.

But it isn’t happening. And I shouldn’t have expected it to. But it’s frustrating me anyway. The thing is, for the last six months or so, I neglected my blog, posting sporadically, and I lost followers. A lot of them. Yes, I was working on two deadlines, but I could still have taken a few minutes to devote too my blog. Keeping it active is imperative.

Also, during the move from Blogger to WordPress, folks didn’t know where to find the blog.

The message I picked up from today’s UPPER ROOM article was probably the opposite of what the writer intended. Or maybe not. In the end, my worries—read frustrationsare in God’s hands. He knows, and if Whispers in Purple is meant to grow and produce a good crop, then He’ll make it happen, in His own time. And I must learn to wait, and Listen for that still, small voice.


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