Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Indulge Me

experimentThe process of moving Whispers in Purple from Blogger to WordPress felt a lot like a crazy experiment where I had no idea where I was going. And it took a lot more than the objects pictured at the left.

However, with the wonderful help of my web server—Webnet77a LOT of time in the WordPress forums, and  other helpful resources, I finally have it up and looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.

There’s still a lot more I need to learn, and a lot more I want to do, but it is what it is . . . for now.

That being said, I’m humbly asking for a favor from those of you who get this via email subscription, or read it on Facebook when it shows up.

To wit: I need to test the ‘comments’ section to make sure it’s working properly, and that I get the notifications that a comment has been submitted.

With that in mind, would you mind visiting the blog at www.whispersinpurple.com and leave some comments? At the bottom of each post, on the right, you’ll see—most likely right now—No comments. Just click on that and it will open the form to do so.

If it’s the first time for you to leave a comment on this new blog location, you will be notified that your comment is waiting approval. If the notifications are working properly, I’ll see it and will approve it immediately.

After your first time commenting, you will not be moderated again and your comments will appear automatically. I reply to all comments, and if you want to know when I do, at the bottom of the comment form is a check-box for notifying you when new comments are posted.

There’s also a check-box for subscribing to the blog if you haven’t already.

That’s it. Thanks for indulging me. Open-mouthed smile


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