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0-COVER---Star-Song---flatStar Song, Book 1, is the octilogy lyrical novel series on the entire life of Christ, Soul Journey With Jesus, in both adult and children’s version. It depicts the events and people involved in the birth of Jesus with the reality of political, economic, and personal chaos. It was not an easy time to be born and live out one’s life. The people endured spies, betrayals by their leaders, and suspicions among each other. For those who believed, and even for those who did not believe, Christmas was never over.

How could Mary ever forget the impact of being told she would be the unwed mother of the very Son of God? Not only did she have to endure taunts of townspeople after she got home from visiting cousin Elizabeth, but what was it like for Jesus as he grew up? What names did the townspeople call him? Christmas over for Mary and her child? Never.

Even Elizabeth, after having begged God for a baby for decades, did not know how to handle it when her prayer was finally answered. The shy woman went into seclusion! She hadn’t counted on a son who would be so important. How was she supposed to raise him, especially with a husband who could not talk? Christmas over for Elizabeth and Zechariah? Never.

The dirty, smelly low-life shepherds were chosen for the visitation of angels announcing the birth of God’s Son. The event of a lifetime. But, as they went through Bethlehem searching for anyone who had borne a baby that night, no one took them seriously. Even after Jesus’ birth, society did not treat them any differently, or even decide to believe them. Christmas over for the shepherds? Never.

Anna had lived in the temple since her youth. She had witnessed slaughters right there in the temple by Pompeii’s soldiers and even Herod’s soldiers. Sometimes hope would rise that a Deliverer would come to the people, but always it fell again. Where was God? But, once now elderly Anna and her friend, Simeon, had seen the answer to everyone’s prayers, no one paid any attention to them. There certainly were no national ceremonies in honor of the new-born king. Though no one believed them, they kept telling people anyway that their Deliverer had been born. Christmas over for Anna and Simeon? Never.

The magi in Persia, Babylon, and India who had spent a year trying to discover the meaning of the strange star, finally figured it out when they got to the writings of famous Daniel. But then caused the baby God-King to be killed. How often did they wonder, after returning home, if the baby escaped? Christmas over for the magi? Never.

Then there was Joseph on whose shoulders most of the burden rested. He must have endured snickers by others who thought he was gullible to marry a girl already pregnant by someone else. When the needless nation-wide census came, he couldn’t even get Mary out of it. Then, when they arrived in Bethlehem, she nearly had to have the baby out on the street. And even after Jesus’ birth, he had to sneak them out of town to escape him being killed. What kind of husband and father was he turning out to be? Christmas over for Joseph? Never.

Today, they say Christmas is over. Is it? For us, will it ever be over?

Is Christmas over for you? There were no bright lights and decorated houses and parties and romances in the snow when Jesus was born. There were hopes built up amidst confusion. There were announcements made amidst fear. There were plans formulated amidst chaos. That was the real Christmas.

Jesus’ birth was only the beginning. Will you now put Jesus away with your ornaments? Will the brightness grow dark the rest of the year? Now that Jesus has been born, what next?

  • Book 1 – Star Song – Released December 2014
  • Book 2 – Dream Maker – Release date March 2015
  • Book 3 – Hearts Afire – Release date June 2015
  • Book 4 – Folk Hero – Release date September 2015
  • Book 5 – Flood Gates – Release date December 2015
  • Book 6 – Promise Keeper – Release date March 2016
  • Book 7 – Shadow of Death – Release date June 2016
  • Book 8 – Come Fly With Me – Release date September 2016


JEAN WILLIAMS: “I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes. Fantastic! I'm telling you this is pure genius. Katheryn Haddad’s book is breaking molds, and she may be a leader of this type of book.”

ROGER BRUNER: “Star Song is a fascinating and compelling combination of Bible facts, careful historical research, and stunning imagination. The present tense writing made me feel I was right there watching and listening to everything that was happening.”

MARY CHEATHAM: “I'm awed by the author’s writing skill. It is evident that she is a seasoned writer with great talent. Katheryn Haddad delves into the inner thoughts of Mary and Joseph on a personal level.”


ANNE EVANS: “Star Song retells the story of Jesus’ birth in poignant prose. The story starts with the birth of Mary and makes the reader feel the desperation of the Jews at that time as they were oppressed by Roman rule.”

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